Marketing like a bunch of Babies


Jennifer Beever points out that “we need to market like babies, because after a few years, we can begin to think we know it all.” She is referencing Dave Davies, who makes this point about SEO “experts” in his excellent Search Engine Watch blog post, ‘Which Update?’ Is the Wrong Question. Davies’ point is that because SEO is ever changing, you have to approach solutions as if you don’t know everything.

She is very on point about this. If you think about it, once you think you know it all already, well that’s the number one barrier to learning anything, and behind you get left by the rest of us that are continually developing ourselves. Se also notes “we need to look at the world in a fresh way, on a moment-by-moment basis.

“In my work as a marketing consultant, it means that I cannot assume I have ALL the answers when I meet with a prospect or client. I am less apt to judge businesses or people or situations using the beginner’s mind.” Says Jennifer

When I look at life and my past, had I been unwilling to learn new things and continually practice my craft I would be nowhere today. I think you can also agree that this has been the case in your life as well, consciously or subconsciously. What keeps this world moving and defines success is simply being willing to exercise a new viewpoint about situations on a constant basis.

As a marketing expert she knows she has the answers, and she also know that she does not have all the answers. This alone puts her ahead of most people in her industry.

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